Lockdown had us all indoors with nowhere to go and no one to do our hair. Now that we have a little more freedom lets explore trending hairstyles that you can create in the salon or at home with hair extensions. We're not sure about new year's resolutions but we love the idea of switching up with new hair.

virgin remy hair extensions

Straight & Sleek

A classic look for the days you want to turn heads and snap necks! ouch ...With customisable closures and frontals you don't have to worry about heat damage or leave out problems and if well cared for, your extensions can last months. The only downside to straight extensions is the need to keep them straight for that clean smooth fresh from the salon look. Top tips are as follows: wrap at night, use a serum and a heat protectant product when you do apply heat. Your weave/wig will thank you for it. 


The Body Wave

A little more carefree and low maintenance than the straight hairstyle, you can create sexy and sophisticated waves with Brazilian and Peruvian wavy bundles using tools like bendy rollers to create beautiful definition. Wavy hairstyles are very versatile and easy to wear long or short. The best thing about this hair type is it will always revert back to the original wave pattern after washing. Keep waves conditioned to maintain a beautiful shine


Bouncy Curls & Coils

Curly and coily hairstyles are increasing in popularity as people of colour embrace their afros and continue to wear bold unapologetic natural hairstyles. We love to see it! If you need a little more help to create thick voluminous curls/coils curly bundles can do the trick. Alternatively is you're contemplating going natural but want to trial the look, curly wigs can be a great place to get started.