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Facts about Brazilian wavy hair you should know

  Brazilian wavy hair bundles are still in the top 5 most popular hair extension styles. The good news is it’s not hard to find if you need it. The...

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Get that glow in time for Valentines!

  That feeling of fresh, glowing skin really is unbeaten. It only takes a few simple steps to achieve and takes less than 10 minutes per day. Let’s consider those...

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Welcome To The Kingdom! First Things First

How do you actually pronounce 'Taji Milele'? (ta-jee Me-le-lee) It means 'eternal crown' in Swahili and this beauty supply store is all about inspiring confidence, whilst celebrating black beauty and...

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3 Natural Oils Your Skin Will Love

Winter Season is in full swing and everything from cracked skin to chapped lips can leave you feeling less like a queen so here's a round up of some of...

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Long Hair Don't Care! New Look Hairstyles For 2021

  Lockdown had us all indoors with nowhere to go and no one to do our hair. Now that we have a little more freedom lets explore trending hairstyles that...

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